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Environmental Job Search Planning Course

The most direct way to get career clarity and build confidence.

  • Learn how to align your resume to the jobs that fit your education and experience
  • How to find the dream jobs
  • Unlock the fastest way to an interview
  • Plan your career path
  • and more! 

Your Job Search

This course walks you through creating a custom plan that will give you clarity and confidence to get into your dream career.

Step at a time

Each week a new set of lessons with exercises, worksheets, videos, and more opens covering a specific set of topics in step-wise order.

Breaking the Bank

This course was designed for students, recent grads, and those making the jump from one career to another on a tight budget.

Here's What's Covered

Week 1: Getting Started - How to get the most out of the course
Week 2: Job Search Essentials - Resumes, LinkedIn, Networking
Week 3: Knowledge, Experience, Interest - Focus on the Big Picture
Week 4: Navigating the Industry - Creating an Effective Job Search
Week 5: Setting Yourself Apart, Pt 1 - Finding Your Voice
Week 6: Setting Yourself Apart, Pt 2 - Professional Development
Week 7: Putting it All Together - Prioritizing next steps
Week 8: Putting it All Into Action - How to Persist

Who it is for?

The self-guided course is for anyone seeking a job in an environmental field such as sustainability, environmental science and policy, engineering, forestry, food studies, and the like. 

"[The program] has really shown me how to get focused on what is really important, and to stop wasting time on things that I know will not help me land my dream job. Identifying skills gaps is going to help me tremendously, as knowing my strengths is only half the equation of being confident in my job search."

- Career Changer

Your environmental career search doesn't have to feel so overwhelming.

I've been in your shoes, let me help you make a plan that will give you the clarity you need to apply and interview with confidence! Our resources, courses and coaching will equip you with everything you need to create a career plan to apply to the right jobs, submit a killer resume, and get those interviews. 

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