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Step by Step Guide to YOUR Perfect Job Search Action Plan
Will you get a job without a plan? In all likelihood yes, will it be the life changing, fulfilling career of your dreams? Not likely. 

This workbook will walk you through making your map to the environmental career of your dreams and get you excited about your future, rather than annoyed and frustrated with your current situation. 
  1. Learn the 3 Keys to landing your dream job...
    and how to apply them to your action plan Key 1 - Knowledge, Experience, Interest Key 2 - Navigating the Industry Key 3 - Setting Yourself Apart
  2. 6 Targeted Exercises...
    will guide you to the best actions and tactics you can take to boost your career search
  3. Job Search Action Plan...
    worksheets with structure and SMART Goal format to help you get clear on your next steps
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