Environmental Career Online Course

Looking for help with the following?

★ Not sure where to look for the right jobs

★ Applying and never hearing back

★ Getting ghosted after interviews

★ Not getting job offers (even though you’re qualified!)

★ Never ending tinkering with your resume

★ Struggling to get anywhere with networking

Our online course is perfect for you! Take back your confidence and start building your future TODAY!

The ENVIROlocity™ Online Career Course helps people who are seeking environmental careers develop an action plan to help increase their chances of success, build confidence in their search, and keep you focused on your end goal - getting a job somewhere you can make a difference!

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Why Wait?


  • Climate Change is just now being widely accepted
  • Social responsibility is shifting to a requirement not a luxury for businesses
  • Environmental Justice jobs are just beginning to take off
  • Sustainability jobs are popping up in all industries


Now is the time to join the movement of people who are dedicating their working lives to saving our planet and this course can help ensure you accelerate your job search by eliminating the guess work and wait and see game.

"It feels really helpful to slow down from the application process to just think about what I want next in a job. I'm so grateful to have found this course!"

- Clint

"I really like how the workbook and the course tie hand in hand and force you to practice."

- Courtney
Marine Science

"It can get overwhelming launching into a job search without taking the time to really think things through. This has been very helpful in reminding me to slow down and really consider what my career goals are."

- Kate
Career Changer

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Why wait? Get started having a more successful (and less soul-crushing) job search now!



Testimonial from one of our career changers

[The program] has really shown me how to get focused on what is really important, and to stop wasting time on things that I know will not help me land my dream job. Identifying skills gaps is going to help me tremendously, as knowing my strengths is only half the equation of being confident in my job search.


Module 1: Getting Started


How to get the most out of this course

Get your mindset right

Objective: Prepare you to succeed in this course and career search

Module 2: Job Search Essentials

Crafting a resume that get the interview

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for the job search 

Writing attention getting cover-letters

How to start a successful networking strategy

Objective: Get the basics requirements of the job search down so you can focus
on what will really get you into the career of your dreams in the next modules

Module 3: Knowledge and Experience

Visualizing your career journey

How to identify skills gaps

Objective: Get clarity around the types of jobs you should be looking for

Module 4: Navigating the Industry

 Time saving job search techniques

How to find the right jobs

How to evaluate the job sectors

Objective: Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to find and
identify jobs and career paths that are right for you

Module 5: Setting Yourself Apart Pt 1

Improving your personal brand through values

Pitching yourself to others

Leveraging personal projects to stand out

Objective: Now that you have your essentials down and know where to look, 
learn to shine against the competition

Module 6: Setting Yourself Apart Pt 2

Identifying and leveraging your personal strengths and weaknesses

Creating Personal Development plans to fill skill and experience gaps

Objective: Continuing from the previous module, gain confidence in the
skills you already have while filling any gaps you've identified

Module 7: Pulling it All Together

Prioritizing your next steps

Creating your sustainable action plan 

Objective: Develop an action plan that will help you endure the initial job search
and keep motivated towards your long term career goals

Module 8: Putting it All Into Action!

Creating a networking plan and committing to sticking to your action plan

Objective: Make sure that your efforts pay off and you take the first steps forward


Entire 8 module course is just usually $97

You can start now for 10% off!


We have had environmental career seekers who found this course to be life changing and others who thought it was not what they were looking for. This course covers a lot of the basics, we offer coaching for unique or challenging situations. While we hope you'll fall into that first category we also want to be realistic - you wouldn't be here if you knew exactly what you were looking for. That said, we allow you the opportunity to check out the course for 7 days, that should be plenty of time to see if you like the teaching style and format. If you don't, you can request a refund via email. 

If you should find after the 7 days, that you need more assistance than the online course provides, you can roll up the cost into one of the other coaching options. 

You Should Know

90% of the people I work with say "I wish I had started sooner!"
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Who is this course for?

The Course is for you if you are seeking an environmental career in any specialty and are at least one of the below:

  • A self-starter
  • Ready to quit being overwhelmed and get more focused
  • Tired of tinkering with your resume
  • Seeking more confidence in your career search
  • Planning to start searching soon and want to avoid wasting time


About the Instructor

Hi! My name is Laura Thorne and I at one point I was on top of the world in my environmental career. I ran grant programs for habitat restoration, I was an artificial reef coordinator, a GIS expert, a seagrass expert, and working on tons of really cool projects. 

After a few years and a few promotions into my career, the joy started to slip away, replaced by bureaucracy and red tape and other culture-based problems I didn't see coming. 

I had already been mentoring students and peers on career searches and job changes, so I decided to quit and start The Environmental Career Coach. 

Everything I teach, I have done myself or seen others succeed with. I sat on the hiring side of the table for many years so I know what employers are looking for.

To best serve you, I am a board member of the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP), a member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA), and certified Career Coach with the International Association of Professions. 

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