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It is my number one goal to see more people who are passionate about environmental work of all types, from conservation to biotech science, to get into careers they love and stay there; the future of our planet depends on it. Neither of us can do this alone.

Let's work together to bridge students from college to real life together. Career seekers who take my course and coaching program ALWAYS say they wish they had started sooner - you can help make that happen. 


What we offer

Free Resources

We provide all sorts of FREE resources including the ENVIROlocity™ Blog and Career Interview Series 

Online Course

Our online course is designed to help students create a tailored job search action plan in as little as 8 weeks

Workshops & Speaking

Our topics include Advanced Career Search Strategies, Personal Branding and Values, Resume and LinkedIn critique and more

FREE ENVIROlocity™ Job Search Workbook 

University reps, get your copy now to see how the workbook can help jumpstart your student's job search! The workbook provides students and recent graduates a useful guide to finding their professional career path. Workbooks can be white labeled for your college by our sister company, Wildebeest Publishing Company. 

Please note, this offer is for academic representatives only. At this time we can only ship to the US as well. We can send an E version for requests outside the US. Students may purchase a workbook by going to the books page and locating it on Amazon.

Order A FREE Copy Now!

Limit one per person/institution. This offer is currently available for Universities in the US only.

Programs Just For YOU!

Program Discounts

Our comprehensive life changing course is already being offered at just $97! We offer discounts to students and alumni of affiliate institutions or bulk rates so you can provide the course free to your students and alumni. We offer partner discounts on career coaching as well!

Program Enrichment

When was the last time you had an evaluation of the services that you're delivering to your emerging environmental professionals. We can help evaluate so you can hold onto your strengths and overcome weaknesses to get more of your students achieving their career goals.


Students everywhere are looking for some more than they've already heard before. I've spoken to hundreds of students, hosted career days, professional development workshops, presented on national webinars, created and led an annual Women in STEM Workshop, and I've walked in their shoes. Let's talk about how I can bring new ideas to your next event!

"Laura is a fantastic coach and a valuable green career professional. She cuts through the "fluff" you may get with other coaches or counselors to help folks focus on what's most important and relevant to them. I really appreciate her contributions to sustainability career planning and development."

D. Corsar - NWF EcoLeaders

Workshops & Presentations

THE PURPOSE of this workshop is to discuss and provide tools regarding continuing to make improvements to your job search when you think you've already done all there is to do.

THE GOAL is to give students the advice, tools, and strategy they need to not only get their first career job but stay the course GOAL over the long-term.

Students, alumni, and anyone wanting to get the inside scoop and learn more than what they've already heard and tried about seeking and applying for environmental and sustainability careers.

    Why job searches fail
  • Job search essentials (resume, LinkedIn, networking)
  • Closer look at each essential and examples of ways that you can leverage them to get further

Some students and environmental career seekers are lucky to land a career with little effort but for many the job search is harder than they had expected. This presentation covers what to expect, looking at how you could approach the job search better, and how to survive in a tricky industry.

Let us know what it is your students need most and we'll put something together.

Here are some ideas: 

  • Values-based branding workshop
  • Hands-on Action Plan Preparation
  • Leadership Development - what to expect when you're finally on the clock


"Hands down, the best money I've ever spent!"

Marine Science Grad

I'm looking forward to talking to you!

We share so much just by having a common mission. Let's talk about how we can help your students succeed in the environmental world!


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