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5 Keys to Making Life-Changing Connections

Another way to set yourself apart

Networking with environmental professionals can be intimidating but it doesn't have to be, we were all entry level at some point! 
Everyone has a story to tell, learn to tell yours and ask other's about theirs and you'll do well!
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Glossary of Terms

Job search groups and job boards to follow

Common Terms Used in Environmental Fields

The better your job search is the more opportunities you will be exposed to. 

Use these helpful links to ensure that you are getting notified of all the options available to you!
You certainly don't want to memorize a bunch of terms and randomly throw them into conversation but you do want to have an idea what someone is talking about if they ask you if you want to work in remediation, or if you have any experience with a WYS, Study this glossary before your interviews and networking.
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Job Description Videos

Take a closer look at what the jobs are really like

YouTube is a great resource for finding real people describing what jobs entail from a real person's perspective rather than a wordy written job description. I've created links to some to get you started. If you don't see any that fit the description that you are looking for, contact me to discover how asking for an interview could help create the video and assist you with networking. 
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