About The Environmental Career Coach

Hi, I am Laura! I started The Environmental Career Coach to help environmentally passionate people who are just starting their careers or ready for new ones to discover their path and then stay the course!

Most of the job seekers I work with lack faith in themselves, are burned out from the stress of the job search, thought they were qualified for the jobs they are applying to but still aren't getting interviews or offers, don't know what the right next step is, lack confidence in their resume, or don't have the courage to put real effort into networking. I've been there. I've learned first hand how to over come all of these challenges, and I have also been on the hiring side of the table many times. 

I never sought out a mentor or coach, I thought I could just figure it out. Eventually, I got so burned out I left the environmental field. My mission is to ensure that doesn't happen to you!


Are you struggling to know what your options are? Wishing you'd done a little more research while you were still in college? Feeling like your degree isn't enough to get you where you want to be? Wish you had thought about what your next career move was going to be a heck of a lot sooner?

I know how you feel, I've been there! I help students from all degree programs who plan to get jobs in environmental fields to understand the options available to them and how to be better prepared than the competition. Additionally, using my own experiences and knowledge of industry ins and outs, I help unsatisfied working professionals identify their best next steps.

My mission is to help you avoid the mistakes I made and get you on a path towards a career that you love and will last your lifetime!

The values woven throughout coaching with me are: passion for environmental health, perseverance, relentless personal development, creativity, and blazing your own trail.



Environmental field hydrology work
Oyster reef habitat restoration work in Tampa Bay, Florida
Tampa Bay Association of Environmental Professionals 2016
Surface water monitoring in Tampa Bay, Florida
2016 Tampa Bay Association of Environmental Professionals Women in STEM Workshop committee
Marsh and oyster reef habitat restoration MacDill AFB, Tampa, Florida
Visiting Kenya with a group of other environmental scientists and Biologist in 2015
Speaking to girls in the Gage Foundation's Girl Ambassadors Program about future leadership and activism



I started my college career in photography and design, then one day I just up and changed my mind. I wanted to work outdoors, so I switched my degree to Biology and started over.

During my college years, I received not a single piece of sincere or helpful career advice;  everything focused on grades, nothing on what to do once I had my degree in hand. 

After graduation, I got a job that, in hindsight, was in the wrong sector for me and  ultimately after 10 years I was miserable and still unable to answer the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Most of the coachees I work with either graduate extremely underprepared to find a fulfilling job in the field that they studied or got a job only to be disappointed as I was.

I am now on a mission to ensure that environmentally passionate people seeking careers for a sustainable future are able to create the path that will take them to their dream career.

I consider myself part career coach and part life coach, after all, fulfilling environmental work is tied to satisfaction with in life.  I am fortunate to be a person who will not stand for anything less than everything I deserve and I have made many courageous leaps over the years to work and live the way that I want. We don't just focus on finding your next job, but on setting the course for your long-term career. 

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