Job searching can be stressful and overwhelming.

Get focused and get ahead. Start today!

Coaching Options for All Types of Environmental Career Seekers!

You are one step closer to creating ENVIROlocity™, the momentum and traction needed to make real progress towards your career goals!



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The ENVIROlocity™ Job Search Workbook: A Step-By-step Guide to Creating an Action Plan That Will Motivate You and Accelerate Your Ideal Environmental Career Search.

Job hunting is hard, let this workbook be your guide.


Best for: All environmental and green career seekers


ENVIROlocity™ Online Course


8 Modules at Your Own Pace

The online course teaches you exactly what you need, step-by-step, to create an effective job search action plan. An action plan is imperative to staying focused and achieving your goals during the sometimes long and challenging search. 



  • 38 Page Digital Workbook
  • 8 Modules
  • Templates and exercises
  • Weekly reminder emails

Best for: Anyone seeking an environmental career that is feeling lost, unsure of what to do next, or who wants to be sure all bases are covered.

*Financing available


One-on-One Coaching


One 1-Hour Call

Have something on your mind or questions you want to ask but not interested in coaching? Let's have a chat. What we focus on in this call is completely up to you.


Here are some topic suggestions:

  • How to get started looking for the right career
  • Networking advice and tips
  • How to decide if you should get an advanced degree
  • How to format your resume
  • Interview prep and practice

You are welcome to suggest other topics that can be fit into an hour.


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