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Choosing a career dedicated to saving, protecting, and enhancing the environment isn't about having a job. It's about living a meaningful life. Stop trying to get a job and start building ENVIROlocity™ towards a rewarding career today!


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I work with students, recent grads, and career changers looking to spend their lives making an impact in environmental fields like conservation, environmental science, environmental law, engineering, biotech, sustainability, and more!


Myth - My degree and technical skills will be enough to make me prepared to work. 

Reality - Even at the schools with exceptional advisor programs, we find that most students are under-prepared for the job search.  

Recent Grads

Myth - A job will come sooner than later I just have to keep submitting applications.

Reality - While this may be true for some. We find that for most, getting hired for the job you really want is still largely about who you know. 


Career Changers

Myth - My skills will translate and finding a new job will not be too hard.

Reality - Career changers typically look for us after spending months or even years applying for jobs and not getting hired. 

"As an environmental student seeking to bridge the gap between school and a career, the services and advice offered by The Environmental Career Coach are invaluable. While everyone's journey is different it is always beneficial to have someone you can ask directions from that has already been where you aim to go."

- Scott N

Our Mission - To help people who are passionate about saving the environment find their next career job.

Don't make the same mistakes I did! I thought I had found a good job only to find myself miserable 8 years later. Regardless of your situation, you need a career plan.

Our Process - Each of our programs follows the same recipe for success. 

All programs are designed around three pillars to landing your dream job:

  • Experience, Knowledge, and Interest
  • Navigating the industry
  • Setting Yourself Apart

Free Resources -  Links, videos, webinars, blog articles, and more. 

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  • Webinar - How to Network Without Feeling Stalkery
  • Download - Job Search Checklist
  • Mini-Course - Job Search Essentials (Resume, Cover Letters, LinkedIn)

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