Keep Hope Alive. Four Suggestions for Career Seekers During the Covid-19 Response

covid envirolocity mindset Mar 30, 2020

Keep Hope Alive

I hope that you and your family and friends are well during this uncharted time. I wanted to share some encouragement and suggestions for staying productive and shifting your career search at this time. 

Many of you may have been looking when things started to shut down, others may have had jobs and are fortunate to still be working - be safe out there! If you know someone who could benefit from this info please share. 

Suggestion #1

Use this time to fill gaps in your resume, explore new skills, read, or take a course. We're offering 50% rebate back for anyone who completes the Online Job Search Action Plan Course. We are not making it free because it has been shown that free courses have a 90% drop in completion rate due to lack of incentive. Finish the course and get rewarded for your effort!


Suggestion #2

Focus on networking. People are seeking connection at this time. It is the perfect excuse to invite a stranger to a video chat. Want to learn more about networking on LinkedIn? - Watch this webinar

Suggestion #3

Build stronger relationships. Same as above, it is a great time to check in on old college buddies, professors, family and friends and just ask how you can help them.

Suggestion #4

Don't give up! It is true many doors have closed, however temporarily, along with that many job seekers are preoccupied or have decided to take a break. This is the time to seek opportunities that might never have existed before. Challenge yourself to look for opportunity where others will see only closed doors.


In my day job, I am a business consultant and I have been working from home for 5 years. During that time I have developed a powerful method for tackling my daily to-dos. I've digitized it and made it available to everyone, including instructions!

Download the F.A.B. Daily Planning Worksheet HERE

We pulled on module from the Online Job Search Action Plan Course out and turned it into a Mini-Course, for free! Register for the Job Search Essentials mini-course which includes DIY resumes, LinkedIn, cover letters, and more! 



If you have questions or need further clarification or advice on any of these suggestions, please reach out. At least we can still enjoy the outdoors! I was supposed to be traveling Europe right now and have had to adjust. All we can do is keep moving forward, we're all in this together.


Stay gold, 



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