Joining an appropriate student chapter can provide you with networking and learning benefits. In addition, it is great to show your commitment on your resume and LinkedIn.


Environmental Organizations 

Black-led Environmental Movement Orgs
The Environmental Studies at UC Santa Barbara has a wonderful list of Professional Environmental Associations most of which provide student memberships, training and networking opportunities. Check out their page and if you don't see what you were looking for try using the search suggestions below. 

Technical Training Opportunities

Looking to fill those skills gaps? Between all the different organizations, associations, and universities listed at the link above there are endless options. You can also use some other searches to find opportunities.
Here are some options  and examples of what you can look for:
Event Brite now allows you to follow organizations so that you can see when they have new events available. Do some searching for your topic or for local environmental groups.
Most of the organizations listed at the link in the section above have training of their own specific to their industries, like these below.
 American Society of Civil Engineers Continuing Education Portal:  
AIChE is the world's leading organization for chemical engineering professionals, with more than 60,000 members from more than 110 countries. AIChE Academy brings a full array of education and training resources to chemical engineers and the companies they work for. You’ll find courses, webinars, conference presentations and more from AIChE, CCPS, SBE, IfS, and ISWS.
For a large selection of low cost online training try search on Udemy or Coursera. Coursera offers more university partner programs with options for certification. 
You can also set up your own online search results using Google Alerts. Go to this article to learn more about how use Google Alerts for your job search.
Corporate and Green House Gas training options:
You can also search for environmental certifications, more about those here.
 *The Environmental Career Coach does not give any endorsement or claim of quality to any of these programs or links. These are suggestions, you must always conduct your own research. 
If you have an organization or training link that would add value to this list, send an email to [email protected]

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