Your resume is a key document in your career search and although it is not the only key, it can hold you back if you're not confident that it is "right".

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Resume Review Includes

30 Minute Call and...


We will review your resume for both format and content suggestions. You'll receive a 5 - 10 minute video report explaining our suggestions so you can make informed decisions about what changes to make.


You'll also get access to the Job Search Essentials Mini-Course that includes a DIY resume guide, cover letter advice, LinkedIn profile tips, and Networking 101 info.


LinkedIn is a must and while you are in job search mode, it's purpose is to work with your resume to increase your chances of getting an interview. We will include notes about your LinkedIn profile in the report. 

"I really love working with Laura too because she's a great cheerleader. She puts in the work if YOU put in the work!"

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Resume Review Process

Turn Around is 5 Days or Less

Step 1 - Register!

Step 2 - Submit your resume

Step 3 - Receive feedback report within 5 working days


"It feels really helpful to slow down from the application process to just think about what I want next in a job. I'm so grateful to have found this course!"


Prefer to get an in-person review?

The in-person review is a one-hour session with The Environmental Career Coach where we will review your resume and LinkedIn profile together. We can also review your cover letter, application process, and networking strategy.

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