5 Truths about Networking that will help you Starting Now

linkedin mindset networking Nov 28, 2018

Networking! You love it or you hate it but I would guess since you’re reading this that you lead more towards that second one.

Creative Networking is the most effective way to network and consists of 3 parts:

  • Mindset
  • Creative Strategy
  • Connection Integrity


You can learn more about Creative Networking and how to put it to use in this webinar. In this article, we’re focusing on 5 truths about networking that once you realize them you can start improving right away.


  1. Networking is the best way to get from the road you're on now and into the career lane that you want. The sooner you swallow this truth pill, the sooner you can get things moving toward your awesome networking outcome. This is a truth in any industry but even more so in the environmental world. You'll find after spending a few years building your networks that you'll have an incredible amount of overlap and 1 degree of separation connections. 
  2. You need a LinkedIn Profile. 

    We are beyond a modern world and not having a LinkedIn page basically boils down to lost opportunity which no one can afford in the highly competitive job market today.
  3. Not everyone is going to get back to you.

    Environmental Professionals, in general, fall into these response categories:
    • High-level leadership. Set your expectations appropriately if you're trying to connect with the executive director or business owner directly. These people are busy and have important issues that take precedence most of the time. Their responses are often brief, don't take that for disinterest or rudeness. If they reply at all that means they took a moment to care. 
    • Leadership professionals. These are people who are self-aware and since they don’t like to be ignored, they follow the do-unto-others mantra and make it a priority to respond in some way to everyone. These make up less than 5% of the people you’ll encounter.
    • In the field of often. These people are out of the office often and sporadically, even with the best of intentions they may not be able to get back to you and when they do it may be late. Give them time and refer to #5. These are probably about 15 -20% of working environmental professionals.
    • Busy people who are maybe not so organized. These people want to get back to you, they might have even started to get back to you. Along comes a distraction and your request has just been classified as out of sight out of mind. There is no mal-intention here, just forgetfulness. These are a high percentage of people about 30 -40%.
    • Not my problem’ers. These people will never get back to you. The important thing about them is to just know that they are out there and not let that bother you. It’s them, it's them not you if you’ve followed the creative networking formula.
  4. Follow up is key.

     I often hear laments from coachees that the people they are trying to connect with didn’t get back to them. Often, they’ve followed the formula and they think the connection was a sure thing and are stunned that they didn’t get a response. Revisit the list in #3, people with the best intentions are still busy. Sending a reminder isn’t pushy if you do it with tact and are genuine about it.
  5. You should be working from some sort of strategy,

    get the Creative Networking Worksheet.


Now you know you have to network, that you shouldn’t blatantly ask for things, that it’s ok if some people don’t get back to you because you will follow up, and you can take it to the next level with a creative networking strategy.


Stay gold!


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