Want to accelerate your environmental career search? Find your ENVIROlocity™

envirolocity mindset Aug 27, 2019

You may have noticed lately that we made some changes to our brand to more consistently infuse the word ENVIROlocity™.

You may be wondering what exactly does this mean?

At first, this was a word that we felt personified the phrase Work Worth Living and Environmental careers. It is a combination of "Environment" and "velocity". We personally feel that any work worth doing is going to have to include an environmental aspect. Ever since we chose the word it has expanded to mean all the things we consider valuable at The Environmental Career Coach including: 

  • Seeking Work Worth Living
  • Work with meaning and purpose 
  • Passion for environmental careers
  • More than just jobs, we focus on careers 
  • Finding your spark to accelerate your career search
  • Mastering the fundamentals of the job search to land your next job faster

From our experience, work that is just a job will always lead to frustration and feeling imbalanced as there is no way to find work/life balance when your work and life goals are treated separately. When you are working toward a career with a purpose in an environmental field that aligns with what you want to accomplish in life this is ENVIROlocity™. Everything else you do will flow. 

So when you join us in our ENVIROlocity™ Facebook group, register for our course, read our blog, and tune into our interviews you will find that we are not just trying to help people find jobs, or even fulfill their passions, we want them to find ENVIROlocity™ and use that momentum to accomplish better and greater things which in turn have a great impact on the environment. 


Want to learn more about how to build ENVIROlocity™ into your career search?

Download the Job Search Checklist or read more about the online course.

Stay gold, 

-Laura, the Environmental Career Coach


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