4 Skills to Help You Get Ahead in Your Environmental Career

The best way to get an advantage in the job search, after networking, is to bring something special to the table. Of course, every job and industry are different but there are a few skills that are important to all industries that can serve you well no matter where you work.

The key is to choose one, or one at a time, and focus on building that skill. Often for entry-level positions, the applicants all have just a basic knowledge of any one of these. Being able to show that you have a passion for one of them, are really great at it, and have something to show for it can pay off big time.

So, how do you choose? For that, we turn to Key #2 of the Environmental Career Coach’s 3 Keys to landing your dream job. Key #2 is Knowledge, Experience, and Interest. Combining the three of these over time should develop into a passion. Start with interest. Which of the 4 cross-cutting skills is interesting to you? If they all are, or none are, then you can look at the job descriptions for positions that interest you. Within those of these are listed most as a required skill?

  • Graphic Information Systems (GIS) - The certified Geographical Information Systems Professional certification is called the GISP and is issued by the Graphical Information Certification Institute.
  • Project Management - The certified Project Management Professional certification is called the PMP and is issued by the Project Management Institute.
  • Data Management - There are numerous avenues to take under the broad umbrella of data. Various institutions issue certifications and continuing education programs. 
  • Social Media/Marketing - The best way to show expertise here is through a portfolio of projects, designs, and results. There are several platforms that offer training with certifications like Facebook and Hootsuite. 

To learn more and get a list of suggested learning tracks, join us in the Career Clarity Group Coaching program!

You might also be interested in the personal development worksheet to help you discover which of these might be right for you. It will also help you to accomplish your personal development goals. 


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