3 Tips to Jumpstart Your 2021 Job Search

job search standing out Jan 04, 2021

Co-authored by Neha Bhalla

Take a deep breath - you’ve made it through 2020. I hope you had a relaxing holiday season, no matter how you celebrated it, and here’s hoping for a lockdown-free, mask-off 2021!

As the new year starts, here is what you need to know to reinvigorate your job search!


  1. Stop Doubting Yourself 

Half of the job-search-battle is your mindset, and after a difficult job market in 2020, it’s easy to feel frustrated or defeated. However, if you’re going into interviews thinking “I’m unqualified for this job” or “I don’t want to be here,” you might as well not show up. Confidence and enthusiasm are everything; acting down-in-the-dumps during an interview or blasé about a job is a massive red flag for a hiring manager.   

If you do find yourself saying “I’m unqualified for the types of jobs I want,” there are plenty of ways to become qualified - whether it’s networking with people in the company to get a better sense of their expectations or taking online courses to become certified in a new skillset. If you find yourself thinking “I don’t want to be here” during job interviews, the company or the position probably isn’t right for you. If you’re applying to every job posting on Linkedin with “environmental” in the title, take a step back to build a job search plan and zero in on your “why.” 


  1. Adapting to the COVID-19 Career Search

By now, you’re probably a pro at navigating virtual interviews and networking online. The reality of 2021 is that remote work won’t be going away for months (if ever), so keep your skills sharp. On the plus side, opportunities in renewable energy, sustainable business practices, and public health will skyrocket in 2021 as corporations begin to put more emphasis on their contributions to climate change. 

Be prepared to not only apply for jobs and work virtually, but to broaden your job search as well. Large corporations are looking for environmental specialists more than ever; meanwhile, a new environmental start-up makes the news every day. Moreover, e-commerce and the gig economy is growing, especially during COVID-19, so consider doing a freelance project on the side as you continue the job search.  


  1. Standing Out

Though environmental job prospects are on the rise, increased unemployment and a surge of new grads mean more competition as well. So, in the stack of resumes, how do you get the job? 

First, the basics: clean up your resume, polish your LinkedIn profile, and perfect your cover letter formula. 

Next, build your skillset. Let’s be honest: if you went to school for environmental science a decade or more ago, you probably have some learning to do about new environmental trends and technology. Likewise, if you’re switching into the environmental industry, identify what certifications or graduate programs you can pursue to give you the underlying knowledge you need to succeed in an environmental job. On the other hand, determine if you have any transferable skills from your past jobs, like data analysis or project management, that would help in the environmental field. 

Finally, network, network, network! NOTHING gives you a better “in” to a company than building a relationship with someone who can refer you or someone who works in the department you’re interested in. 

What will you be doing to make your job search a success in 2021?

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