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How to Start your Environmental Job Search — the Right Way. Part 1/3.

Just getting started with the environmental job search? Here’s how to kick things off on the right foot

When we speak to environmental job searchers, they usually are in one of three stages of the job search — either they’re just starting out, applying but not getting interviews, or interviewing but not receiving offers. All three positions are rather frustrating and pose their own set of problems. 

But, not all hope is lost! If you find yourself in one of these three positions, there are tangible steps you can take to overcome this phase and eventually land a great role. We’ll discuss them in this series of articles on how to overcome your job search struggles. 

In this article, we’ll cover what to do at the start of your job search — before you even start applying. Getting started with the environmental job search can be really confusing —whether you’re a student looking for internships for the first time, a job...

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How to Set the Direction for your Job Search

One of the biggest pieces of advice I share with career seekers is to find direction. I’m also aware that this is one of the most frustrating bits of advice for people to receive. But that doesn’t make the advice any less valuable. Read on to learn what finding direction means, why it can be so difficult, and how to do it. 

If you were searching for a new home, you wouldn’t be looking at every house on the market — your real estate agent would fire you. Instead, you would have a few requirements, such as a certain location, a maximum price, number of bedrooms, etc. Then, you’d have your nice-to-have’s list: a front porch, a finished basement, and enough garage space to fit all those boxes that you’ll definitely unpack someday. Based on these specifications, you would start your search. 

The same way you’d go crazy looking at houses without knowing what you want, you’d be wasting a lot of time looking at every...

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Job Searching Tips for New Environmental Grads

Congrats to all of our Class of 2022 grads! Give yourself a pat on the back — you made it. But now, the real work begins. 

Stepping out of the safety net of college with its assigned schedules and academic calendar is daunting. It may feel like you’re supposed to feel all grown up — but you don’t. Not only is the application process exhausting and your confidence not quite where you’d like it to be, you have no idea what this next phase of your life is going to be like. Questions and doubts abound in this transition phase of your life. What if you hate it? What if you accept the job but should have waited for a different one? Rest assured, every graduate has the same feelings.

If you know anyone who is job searching right now, you probably know that the job market is a bit dicey right now. In recent months, many companies have laid off employees, frozen hiring, and stopped extending return offers to interns. If you’re panicking about being on...

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Highlighting LGBTQIA+ Environmental Heroes

As environmental professionals, we fight to protect diversity in ecosystems across the globe — from our seas to the soil to the sky. And as important as diversity is in our work, it is just as important in the people we work with.  

Being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community while working in STEM is no easy feat. In honor of Pride Month, we wanted to share stories of LGBTQIA+ people in the environmental field who have inspired us. If you are a queer individual interested in working with nature, know that these people have paved the path to a more inclusive environmental field. But unfortunately, the work is far from over. If you would like to support LGBTQIA+ people in the environmental field, following these environmental heroes and learning more about their stories and struggles is a great place to start.

JD Reinbott (he/him)

JD Reinbott, an openly gay marine conservationist has worked as a coral restoration practitioner, boat captain, and dive instructor for 5+ years....

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The Green Obsidian

environmental justice May 19, 2022

This article is dedicated to Sierra Taliaferro, an outstanding environmental and social justice advocate. She has spent the past few months gathering stories from various Black environmental leaders and compiled them into a Facebook page called "The Green Obsidian". We admire her passion for raising awareness towards underrepresented conservation leaders and wanted to shed light on the inspiring work she does. The following pages are written by Sierra and linked directly to "The Green Obsidian". 

Sierra's Inspiration

"Back in 2018, I was thinking of shifting gears and considering exploring other career path options within environmental conservation. And although I saw some potential opportunities, I seemed to run into the same issue where there weren’t too many black people being represented, especially in mainstream media, in those roles and I found that frustrating.

There are a significant number of Black people that have contributed to the...

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During Your Job Search, Mindset is Everything

If you feel like the career search is one of the most stressful times you’ve ever experienced, you’re not alone. Whether you’ve suddenly become unemployed and are racing against your savings running out, or you don’t want your crappy 9-to-5 finding out that you’ve been poking around LinkedIn from 5-to-9, there’s a general sense of fear and uncertainty that looms over the job hunt. 

It is a monumental challenge to stay positive during this period of not knowing. How you manage your mindset, however, is one of the most important factors in getting you through this time and landing your dream job. Defeatist attitudes stemming from pessimistic thoughts can be a hidden factor that’s keeping you from securing your next role.

Don’t Let the Rejections Get You Down

The first lesson every job seeker has to learn is how to overcome rejection. It can be heart-wrenching to apply for a job at your dream company, painstakingly edit your resume,...

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How to Effectively Network in the Post-COVID Age

By: Neha Bhalla 

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 drastically transformed the entire job search process — networking included. Many career seekers express their frustration with me that virtual networking is not as easy as in-person networking.  The reality is that virtual networking is not going away for a long time, if ever; however, it can actually be easier with the right mindset and methods.

Virtual Specific Benefits

Global Availability: Unlike in-person networking, virtual has no bounds. If you’re considering moving to a new location, you can start meeting people before you land a job. 

Convenience: It can be nearly impossible to get a busy person to meet you out for coffee. 15 minutes on a Zoom call, however, is a much smaller ask. Many students don’t have cars so they can skip maneuvering the bus schedule for an hour for a 20-minute meeting. Plus, while you still have to look prepared, you don’t have to put as much effort into...

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Guidelines for Immigrants Looking to Get an Environmental Job in the USA

By: Abby Celentano

Job searching is hard, and moving from another country to the US in pursuit of a career  is even harder. However, it can be done! We interviewed two different people who successfully landed an environmental job in the States. Here are some helpful insights they have to make your transition as smooth as possible. 

Networking abroad

Our two interviewees, Fatima and Pratika, both agree that it’s crucial to build your network at the beginning of your career. Before you embark on the big move, network with environmental professionals in the United States. In our technology-centered society, we have many resources to communicate with people overseas. Use this to your advantage when connecting with potential employers for a potential job. Research companies of interest and reach out to them through social media or email.

Fatima, who moved from India to the US attests to the effectiveness of networking. Her best advice to people thinking of doing the same...

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Environmental Justice Careers Guide: Where Climate Change Meets Social Justice

By: Neha Bhalla

Interested in working in environmental justice, but not sure where to start? 

As climate change worsens, the harm that comes with it is not evenly distributed. Ongoing environmental issues, such as air and water pollution, tend to affect individuals from underprivileged socioeconomic backgrounds the most. More than half of individuals who live in hazardous environmental zones are people of color. Moreover, individuals who are disadvantaged in terms of wealth or race tend to have more difficulty recuperating from climate disasters. 

This inequality has created the need to fight for environmental justice, “the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies,” as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

If you are looking to make an impact in the...

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5 Unexpected Environmental Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

covid interviews Nov 15, 2021

By: Neha Bhalla

It’s no secret that the past 18 months have caused an  upheaval in the hiring process, from Zoom interviews to increased turnover. With that, the questions that recruiters are asking have changed too.

In the environmental industry especially, recruiters not only care about your technical skills, but also your reaction to COVID-19, your personal opinions on climate change, and how much you value diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); so don’t get caught off guard if you get asked a situational question about how to handle a workplace conflict or how COVID has affected your perspective on work-life balance. 

Here are some questions you might get about COVID or DEI at your next interview: 


  1. Would you be willing to work in person for this role?

There are a few variations on this type of logistical question that you might receive, depending on if the company is working remotely, in person, or adopting a hybrid system. Answer this...

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